Thursday, December 1, 2011

EDI Interview Faq

Lets Begin .

1. what is EDI?
2. what are the levels in EDI message format?
3. what are transactions you have wroked?
4. what are protocols using for communication?
5. what is the complex transaction set you have worked till now?
6. what are the difference between ANSI X12 message and EDIFACT messages?
7. How you will validate flat file structure?
8. what are the levels in EDI 856 message format?
9. Can you please tell me some thing about EDI 850 or EDI 810 or EDi 856 messages
10. which field having purchase order number in EDi 850message?
11. what are the different types of purchase orders (EDI 850)?
12. where you can identify the purchase order number in Advance shipment notice (EDI 856) message?
13. can you please explain some thing about ISA and GS envelopes?